Monday, June 25, 2007

Well, I just flat out don't believe it...(originally posted on June 22, 2007)

Well, I just flat out don’t believe it….

Posted by allyandoscar on June 22nd, 2007

All I did was not count points at all last weekend, including Monday (blamed all on PMS, of course, not my complete lack of self control) — sure, I had some pizza, beer, ice cream, cookie dough (don’t shake your head, you’ve done it too), wine, and of course plenty of BLTs — but a gain of one pound? I mean, seriously, I went to spin class (once), have been OP (since Wednesday) and drank all my water (and several diet drinks) — my scale must be broken. Surely, it’s not that I actually have to follow the plan completely for it to work. I can’t imagine how my haphazard approach before my recommital on Wednesday would could have resulted in actual real scale consequences. Clearly broken. Nothing else makes sense…right?

Glad I recommited on Wednesday and will see a loss next Friday!

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