Monday, June 25, 2007

Ok, fine, I give…I want to blog too! (originally posted Jun 14, 2007)

Ok, fine, I give…I want to blog too!

Posted by allyandoscar on 14th June 2007

Well, I am finally succumbing to the pressure and starting my own blog. I have been on Roni’s site for over a year and have been reading many of the new blogs here. I think it is a great way to stay accountable and have a place that is just for me. I like how Roni put it in the FAQ that you blog for you, not for anyone else. I also like that this is a place where there are other people dealing with similar issues…it certainly makes me feel less crazy and less like a failure for “falling off the wagon” so many times. But, the important thing is that I am now back on and will do my best to stay on…or at the very least, stop letting one bad meal turn into a bad day, bad weekend, bad week…bad month! That is probably my #1 challenge is being able to jump right back OP after failing off. But, I’ll get there. I quit smoking using a similar format to this (online support) - I loved to smoke more than anything and if I can do that, then I know I can do this (I have been quit for 2+ years thank you very much:)

Anywho…about me — I am 27 and married for 3 years to a wonderful man. We have 2 cats and are ready to start a family…or at least not terrified of the prospect any longer. I am 5′2 and spent most of college between 125-135 pounds. I was 140 when I got engaged and 120 when I got married a year later….which I accomplished with lots of gym and good-carb (not low carb). Well, a year into marriage I had abandoned lean cuisine and the gym for eating with the husband and working on the house…and eating with the husband involved a lot of junk, basically. I hit my highest of 167 in November of 2005 and started going to WW. I quickly got tired of the meetings…I know how to eat healthy and what to eat, I just wasn’t doing it. Meetings are great for a lot of people, but they didn’t really work for me. I started doing WW on my own off and on and lost 19 from the worst to get down to 149. Now I am back up to 155ish. I know what to do, I just need to do it. This week begins a new week of accountability for me and end to the war with my body. I read somewhere that you shouldn’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend…I am going to try to remember that and I hope you will too.

More later….

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