Monday, June 25, 2007

Storms, Stomach Cramps, and Lack O' Motivation

Well, hubby is at a ballgame and we are having big storms...and apparantly I am as brave as a 3-year-old. I swear if the power goes out I might actually cry. Ok, probably not, but maybe :) I have no idea when I became such a fraid-y cat.

I have done ok today for the most part. I have dipped into some flexies, but honestly, I do have a few most days. I prefer not to save them up and splurge...I would rather have a few extra each day. I could have done better today as I did waste 5 points (yes, I know) on candy. I am taking more veggies to work tomorrow so if I need to mindlessly munch, I will have a healthy option. I may take some popcorn too...and an apple. I did pack my own lunch today so I saved points and dollars. Had dinner with friends and resisted BBQ and hushpuppies in exchange for a big grilled chicken (not marinated and icky) salad. I think I may have a WW grilled cheese as I am still pretty hungry (2 pieces of double fiber bread, 1 piece of 1 pt cheese, on the George Forman --- 2 points). I will end the day with 28 points. A few more than I would prefer...but if I had abstained from the candy I would have done much better. Tomorrow my goal will be to not have more than 1 point in candy. Baby steps.

The good news is, although I am home alone and have 3/4 a bottle of open wine, I have had none and don't plan too....yay me!

I am feeling highly unmotivated...but must rally as I have several things to take care of before bed. I think the stomach cramps are hunger so the WW grilled cheese should take care of that.

I hope you all have a great OP evening!



Swizzlepop said...

Hope the storms stop soon and that you don't lose power.I HATE when the lights go out.
Candy is a sneeky one isn't it. I always thought that Fat Free candy was safe, boy was I wrong!

BB said...

ooohhh I'm a big chicken too. Years ago we lived in Virginia & the thunder storms scared me to death! Now it's California & the sight of my fat jiggling scares me-ha! You sound like you did great on your points! Hope the storms leaves soon.

Ft Art student... said...

Hang in there! I miss thunderstorms, we dont get them enough here in Phoenix. I hope you feel better soon.

strawgirl said...

I know what you mean about storms. I have a 3 year old so I can't be scared around him or he will be even more scared than he already is. It's hard!!!

Don't fret the candy. Count it and move on. Hey--at least you counted it! ;)

dizzydazey said...

I'm the biggest scaredy cat of all. I don't really even like to be home alone at night!

I hope the storms ended and your power stayed on!

Strawgirl is right about the candy - it happens and at least you counted it! :o)

Have a Great OP Day!!

Calyn said...

Thanks for visiting my page. I added you to my friends page too. We Weight Watchen peoples need to stick together ;) Hope your power did not go out... sounds like it was a pretty wicked storm... and congrats for not having any wine...if only I could be that strong!!!

Steph said...

Way to go on the NO Wine - I battled the drinking thing for a while with my weight loss and noticed a huge improvement when I just gave it up totally. The first few days were rough but after that I got in a groove - now if I could get in that same groove in regards to the chocolate and peanut butter - hehe!! Keep it up - we're gonna make it or die dragging each other to the finish line!

tallmama said...

Good job on resisting, exp. since it was in the house! Did you survive the storm?